Lesco suspends industry’s power supply from 4pm to 4am

LAHORE: The Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) started the holy month of Ramadan with suspension of power supply from 4pm to 4am to the industrial sector in order to accommodate domestic consumers during Iftar and Sehr hours.

Chief Executive Officer LESCO Mujahid Pervaiz Chattah said the step has been taken to ensure uninterrupted power supply to domestic consumers in Ramadan.

He further pointed out that forced closures can also be part of the policy in case the company feels further pressure on the system. It may be noted that the industrial sector, particularly the export-oriented one, has protested against the policy, questioning that why the government has been claiming for surplus availability of electricity if it has to continue with 10 hours a day load shedding in industrial sector. Traditionally, the power sector distribution companies deny power supply to industrial sector every year during the Ramadan irrespective of the availability or non-availability of electricity.

Published in Business Recorder, 18th May, 2018