The real cost of Myanmar’s electricity

Myanmar has some of the lowest electricity rates in the world. However, connecting and supplying power to the millions of people who will drive Myanmar’s development is a huge endeavour, one that requires the commitment of tremendous financial resources from the state, companies and international donors. But as important is the public’s awareness of what it costs to build and supply the electric backbone of the country.

Residential prices in Myanmar are K35 per kilowatt-hour for the first 100 units, K40/kWh for the next 100 units, and K50/kWh for all units after that. With an average tariff of roughly US$0.03/kWh, these are the lowest residential prices in ASEAN, and among the lowest in the world. In fact, Myanmar’s highest, “luxury” tariff is lower than the lowest price in the rest of ASEAN.

Published in Myanmar Times, 31st May, 2018