‘Auto shutdown’ of RLNG-based plants behind prolonged blackout

LAHORE: The recent power breakdown witnessed by the country last month proved damaging to the national transmission system. The Power Division discovered auto shutdown of the recently commissioned RLNG-based power plants as one of the reasons behind the prolonged blackout.

According to a report of the Power Division on the system breakdown of May 16, 2018, the recently installed RLNG-based power plants suddenly stopped power generation, when the transmission system was mid-way in recovery, following a fault in Guddu plant.

Instead of providing electricity generation at that crucial stage of recovery, the RLNG-based plants disconnected from the national grid and parked themselves to ‘island mode’.

“Amid running of national grid on the edge due to high demand, a partial system breakdown was initiated by failure of shunt reactor at Guddu plant yard and system was split in north-south,” said the report.

Published in The Express Tribune, 1st July, 2018