Who We Are

Established in 2010, Independent Power Producers Association (IPPA) is an organization that works in an advisory capacity to IPPs in Pakistan. It also acts as a bridge between IPPs and the Government for resolution of their common issues. The main functions of IPPA are to;

 Liaise with relevant ministries of the Federal as well as Provincial Governments.

 Represent IPPs with NTDC, NEPRA and other relevant authorities.

 Collect, prepare and circulate relevant statistics and information of the power sect or of Pakistan to its members and to the public

 Prepare research reports and publications relevant to power sector.

 Represent IPPs in policy-making and to the media

USAID Pakistan: energy fact sheet

USAID and the Govermment of Pakistan are collaborating to help pakistan meet growing energy crisis. USAID has supported PAkistan’s infrastructure and operational improvements, and has promoted Policy reforms to help the energy sector function more efficiently and sustainably.
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During the financial year 2017- 18, GEPCO has maintained single digit distribution line losses (i.e.8.52%) with 100% recovery against nilling

The board of GEPCO is fervent to ensure the highest standards of corporate Governance at all levels and is steadfast…
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In the year 2017-18 GEPOCO has installed about 103400 new connections of diffrent types

HEPco also the responsibility of the business of purchasing, importing, transforming, converting, distributing, supplying, exporting and dealing in electricity and all other dorms of and products,,,
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