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About us

Established in 2010, Independent Power Producers Advisory Association (IPPA) is an organization that works in an advisory capacity to IPPs in Pakistan. It also acts as a bridge between IPPs and the Government for resolution of their common issues. The main functions of IPPA are to;

  • Liaise with relevant ministries of the Federal as well as Provincial Governments.
  • Represent IPPs with NTDC NEPRA and other relevant authorities.
  • Collect prepare and circulate relevant statistics and information of the power sector of Pakistan to its members and to the public.
  • Prepare research reports and publications relevant to the power sector.
  • Represent IPPs in policy-making and to the media.

Independent Power Producers (IPPs) are private companies which set up power plants to produce electricity for sale to the national power purchaser such as WAPDA, National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC), Central Power Purchase Agency-Guarantee (CPPA-G) or K-Electric. They play a pivotal role in supplementing government’s endeavors to mitigate the energy crisis in the country by generating a bulk quantity of electricity. NEPRA has also appreciated the higher performance and efficiency of IPPs as compared to public sector thermal power plants.

IPPs have plants of differing capacities ranging from 130 MW to 1200 MW. Member IPPs of IPPA mainly use Residual Fuel Oil (RFO) or Gas Fired plants, with High Speed Diesel (HSD) as back-up fuel. Recently, some companies have also begun setting up hydro-electric and coal-fired generation plants.


“Shaping the Future of Energy Sector in Pakistan”

Based in Pakistan, IPPA is providing forward thinking advocacy and support services in line with global changing landscape of business dynamics to its member organizations for enhancing future growth and profitability.


A think tank and idea power house. IPPA is creating real value for its members and stakeholders through futuristic insights, market information, research and mainstreaming policy advice.


The purpose of the IPPA is to provide its members a forum to:

Liaise with the relevant ministries of the Federal as well as the Provincial Government; and

Liaise with statutory bodies including but not limited to NEPRA, PPIB,WAPDA,PEPCO and NTDC.

Collect, formulate and project the views of the power sector including but not limited to those of electricity producing companies.


The IPPA may carry out any and all of the following activities
  • Represent the Independent Power Producers (“IPPs”) before the Federal and Provincial Governments and other Government departments including NEPRA PPIB WAPDA PEPCO and NTDC.
  • Protect and promote power production by measures such as an installation of electricity producing plants.
  • Collect prepare and circulate statistics and relevant information to the members as well as to the Federal or Provincial Government as may be necessary.
  • Acquire movable and immovable assets for the business of the Council and to manage these assets.
  • Plan project and manage the finances of the Council in an appropriate manner.
  • Obtain and coordinate the views of members in respect of power production.
  • Prepare budgets for meeting the operating expenses of the IPPA and to allocate funds for the purpose.
  • Carry out and execute the work of the IPPA in accordance with the Charter.
  • If so instructed by the Government coordinate with the industry wherever necessary and to present to the Government information on any issue that it may require.
  • Perform any other task that may be necessary or ancillary to its fulfilling its mandate.
  • The IPPA shall not act or do anything which may violate any provision of Laws of Pakistan.