Unscheduled load-shedding resurfaces

Unscheduled load-shedding has resurfaced after a shortfall in electricity demand and generation crossed 6,000MW due to suspension of supply from two RLNG-fired power plants, a surge in demand and local problems in Discos.
Informed sources told Business Recorder that on Saturday generation was around 18,000MW whereas demand hovered around 25,000-26,000MW which implies that the shortfall was not less than 6,000MW despite substantial generation from hydel sources.
However, a spokesperson for Water and Power Ministry said the demand was 22,500MW against generation of 18,225MW, showing a shortfall of 4,250MW. Of this, 650MW electricity is also being supplied to K-Electric without any formal agreement.
Published in Business Recorder, 13th August, 2017