Nepra enumerates reasons behind bad power sector performance

In terms of overall average losses of 15.23%, allowed to Discos, actual average losses have been reported by DISCOs as 17.95%, showing a gap of 2.72%.
Nepra which closely monitors the power sector in accordance with its mandate, said in the report that under-utilization of power plants has been noted, resulting in low annual utilization factors; power plants were either underutilized or deliberately not operated, while load shedding was being carried out. The availability factors are continuously on the decline for the last three years due to various maintenance issues. Maintenance of power plants has not been followed according to the approved schedule of NPCC. Despite NPCC approvals, GENCO-II did not avail shutdowns. Such imprudent practices have essentially led to de-rationing in capacity of units. Inadequate expertise has been noted to handle technical problems of switchyard equipment. Failures of the switchyard equipment at GENCO-II have been among the major reasons for large blackouts in the system. The data pertaining to heat rate indicates that, over the last three years, most of the time, actual heat rate has remained higher as compared to the Nepra’s approved heat rate, reflecting inefficient operation of power plants. Over the last three years, GENCO units have consumed more auxiliary power, as compared to what is allowed.
Published in Business Recorder, 24th June, 2017