Analysing the evolving fuel mix in electricity production

In early December 2017, the government announced the production of surplus electricity in the country. Although the government may have been able to reduce load-shedding, it is the shifting composition of the fuel mix used in power generation that is essential as it can have an impact on the local fuel market as well as implications for the electricity market.

The Annual Report 2017-2018 of the Planning Commission (PC) indicates the importance of oil and gas as inputs into power production. In 2016, 64% of the total megawatts generated by power plants was oil and gas-based while 31% was hydropower and approximately 6% was wind, solar, nuclear and coal. However, in 2017, 6% of the total power generation was shifted from oil, gas and hydroelectric towards wind, solar, nuclear and coal as they increased to more than 11%.

Published in The Express Tribune, 18th December, 2017.