Electricity for All: Rural electrification – I

Energy is a basic necessity of life required both by rural and urban populace. Overall, two-third of Pakistan’s population has access to electricity and 20% have access to gas. Eighty percent of those not having electricity live in rural areas. In today’s world, almost nothing can be done without electricity. It means that one-third of our people are destined to live a primitive and difficult life, if we do not do anything for them on fast track basis, contrary to a slow programme that we have been implementing bringing grid electricity to them. Renewable Energy and in particular solar energy offers a good possibility to undertake rural electrification. It should not be difficult to electrify all the unelectrified households in a matter of a decade in the solar age or times that we are passing through as we shall see in this two-part article.

Published in Business Recorder, 11th March, 2018