Fossil fuels and renewables: Partners in a new era of energy security for Pakistan

In a country such as Pakistan, power producers’ vital efforts to meet energy demand must extend across gas, coal, as well as renewable sources for good reason. The government has already set out on this path, setting ambitious targets under Vision 2025 to double power generation to over 45,000 MW to provide uninterrupted and affordable electricity, and to increase the percentage of indigenous sources of power generation to over 50 percent. Pakistan’s investments in the Bhikki, Haveli Bahadur Shah and Balloki RLNG power plants, and the upcoming Thar coal plants that will be fuelled by domestic supplies of lignite, as well as wind farms and solar parks, are prime examples of the diversified investments necessary to meet the energy deficit in the country.

As we enter this new era of power generation, energy producers must collaborate to cultivate new technologies and revitalize traditional ones and carve out a diversified and innovative 21st century global energy system. The world is ever-changing and so must our thinking. It is not a question of ‘either- or’ – meeting Pakistan and the world’s energy needs will require drawing on a mix of fuel sources.

Published in Business Recorder, 20th March, 2018