Coalition agrees on 26% electricity emissions cut, Josh Frydenberg insists

AUSTRALIA: The energy minister, Josh Frydenberg, insists the Coalition party room has agreed to an emissions reduction target for electricity of 26% by 2030, but the wording of the materials circulated internally at the time leaves room for ambiguity.

Frydenberg on Thursday responded to a warning from the Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly advising him to tread carefully on the next phase of developing the national energy guarantee because the minister’s mandate from the Coalition party room was quite limited.

The energy minister told the ABC that, when the Coalition party room considered and signed off on the national energy guarantee last October, colleagues had “agreed to a 26% to 28% reduction [in emissions] under our Paris treaty and I was very clear when I met with the party room about the importance of the electricity sector doing its fair share”.

Published in The Guardian, 5th April, 2018