Solar power project to be built in Sindh with $100m WB loan

ISLAMABAD: World Bank will finance the Sindh Solar Energy Project by providing $100 million loan for generation of clean energy in the province.

The bank is likely to approve the loan next month. The Sindh energy department, which will implement the project, has prepared an initial list of buildings in Karachi and Hyderabad, including hospitals and health centres, to be supplied with solar power under the project.

Grants will be provided to scale up the provision of solar house system by commercial solar solution providers in areas with low access to electricity.

At least 200,000 households, equivalent to 1.2 million people, would be provided the solar power system within the areas selected according to pre-defined prioritisation criteria.

The project will finance 20MW of distributed solar photovoltaic panels on rooftops and other available space on and around public sector buildings in Sindh, in a phased manner.

Published in Dawn, 12th April, 2018