PLN Loses Rp10 Billion due to Electricity Theft

Jakarta – State electricity company PLN president director Sofian Basir stated the company suffered loses around Rp10 billion in a year due to the electricity theft. “Please share that theft is a criminal act,” he said in the Parliament complex, Tuesday, April 24.

Sofian revealed the theft was done by industries and households in every region in Indonesia.

To prevent further loses, Sofian asserted, the company will install the smart meter to monitor the customers’ electricity usage. “It’s an online real-time [monitoring],” he added.

Sofian mentioned the loses was amounted to 3 percent of PLN revenue of Rp300 billion. “They [illegally] used 10,000 until 15,000 watt [electricity].”

Published in Tempo, 25th April, 2018