Experts demand energy policy to end Karachi’s power crisis

KARACHI: Experts on Thursday sought a policy from the government to ensure developing a renewable energy to end continuing power crisis in the metropolis, saying that the alternative sources are a viable solution with an existing huge potential in this sector.

Experts at a consultative workshop titled ‘Need for Developing a Renewable Energy Policy for Karachi’ proposed joint steps for the government to promote and implement renewable energy plans. The WWF-Pakistan, K-Electric and Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) organized the consultation event at a local hotel.

They discussed that Karachi has a huge potential of renewable energy generation from sources like solar, wind, solid waste and tidal energy, which can be utilized to meet the growing power demands. They emphasized on enhancing research, innovative solutions, coordination and joint efforts to address the energy challenges of the city. They also highlighted the existing opportunities and shared recommendations that can support the development of a renewable energy focused policy for Karachi.

Published in Business Recorder, 27th April, 2018

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