Sindh allocates Rs24bn for energy

KARACHI: The Sindh government has enhanced budget for energy by 48 percent to Rs24 billion for next fiscal year (FY2018-19) up from Rs16.2 billion for this fiscal year (FY 2017-18).

According to Budget announcement, the next fiscal year budget estimates includes Rs20 billion for clearance of outstanding liabilities of electricity dues of various government departments pertaining to DISCOs such as KE, HESCO and SEPCO.

The annual development plan for energy department (excluding new scheme) is pitched at Rs374.4 million for next FY19. With these funds, the energy department has taken various initiatives to increase the energy output through renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

Some Rs7 billion has been allocated for various ongoing schemes of energy sector including Thar Coal infrastructure development. Rs1.2 billion has been allocated for village electrification and village gasification program under going scheme. An amount of Rs2.5 billion is kept for water supply schemes at Thar Coal field under on-going scheme.

Published in Business Recorder, 11th May, 2018