Outdated mode of transmission attributed to load-shedding

ISLAMABAD: The government Tuesday said it cannot control loadshedding due to outdated modes of electricity transmission.

The Senate Standing Committee on Power presided over by Senator Fida Muhammad raised its concerns regarding the ongoing power crisis that has engulfed the urban and rural areas of Pakistan during Ramadan.

Managing Director Pakistan Electric Power Company Musaddik A Khan, briefed the committee on the state of the energy sector especially in terms of the ensuing power crisis during Ramazan.

He also provided details of the total number of feeders and load-shedding duration throughout Pakistan.

Affirming that the government’s policy states that there shall be no load-shedding during Sehr and Iftar timings, he argued that outdated modes of electricity transmission are a major cause for power breakdowns, which was beyond the control of the energy sector.

He further claimed that power generation due to CPEC power projects is more than sufficient with a surplus of 2400 MW. However, issues arise in terms of Discos (Power Distribution Companies) who are struggling due to lack of infrastructure.

Published in Business Recorder, 23rd May, 2018