Discos ‘involved’ in self-styled protracted loadshedding

ISLAMABAD: Power Distribution Companies (Discos) are reportedly involved in self styled 10-12 hour long load shedding in industrial and domestic sectors through under utilization of allocated electricity quotas; well informed sources told Business Recorder.

According to official statistics firmed up on May 22, 2018, almost all the Discos were seen involved in under utilization of allowed quotas. The NPCC allocated quota of 16,820 MW to Discos against their accumulated demand of 17309 but they withdrew only 14,800 MW which implies 2020 MW electricity remained unutilized.

Documents reveal that Peshawar Electric Supply Company’s (Pesco) demand was 2,216 MW whereas the NPCC allocated quota was 2,123 MW but the company withdrew only 1,743 MW i.e. 371 MW less than the allocated quota and unleashed several hours of loadshedding.

Published in Business Recorder, 25th May, 2018