Rajasthan: Spot rate of power up due to hike in electricity demand

Spot power prices are increasing across the country due to increase in demand of power in the states including Rajasthan.

In last few days the spot rates of power have increased from Rs5 per unit to Rs8 per unit on an average across the country. This is having its affect felt on the electricity companies of the state too.

In past few days there has been an increase in demand of electricity in Rajasthan which is one of the highest, next only to Uttar Pradesh in North India.

As per the data issued by National Load Despatch Center, Rajasthan had the demand of 10,295 MW on Thursday till afternoon. Previous day, ie on Wednesday, the maximum demand met during the day was 10,395 MW while on May 22, Tuesday , the demand was 10,324 MW. The state has also resorted to making overdraft of power during this duration to provide electricity to the people of the state.

Published in DNA India, 25th May, 2018