CJP directs CEO Haveli Bahadur Plant to return salaries

LAHORE: Chief Justice of Pakistan here Friday directed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Haveli Bahadur Shah Power Plant to return all the money he had taken as salary to the national exchequer within two months.

The CJP when asked the CEO when he was returning that money he replied that it should be recovered from the government. The CJP at this observed that “It will be recovered from you. Everybody will give it back”.

The CJP directed the Chief Secretary, “Come up with payment plan” on Sunday.

“Millions of rupees have gone waste on the project. The responsibility of project failure will also be fixed upon you,” the CJP addressed the CEO Rashid Mehmood Langrial who was standing there to explain the performance of the project.

Published in Business Recorder, 2nd June, 2018