Coal-fired power plants set to get renewed push

India: Coal-fired power plants, often regarded as polluting relics in an era of clean energy, are making a comeback in the government’s thinking as an official study says the rapid growth in solar projects needs to be matched with new investment in steady, 24×7 electricity supply from thermal projects.

A study carried out by the power ministry to determine the right solar-coal mix shows that India’s plan to produce 55% energy from renewable sources by 2030 is overambitious. India would need 850 GW of capacity by 2030, of which solar plants, with storage facility, should not be more than 350 GW. Of around 500 GW estimated capacity addition for renewables, 140 GW will come from wind projects, senior officials aware of the development told ET. Coal, however, will be low at almost the present levels which is a concern.

Published in India Times, 27th June, 2018