Consumers-end tariffs of Mepco and Qesco determined

ISLAMABAD: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) has determined consumers-end tariffs of Multan Electric Power Company (Mepco) for 2016-17 and 2017-18 and Quetta Electric Supply Company Limited (Qesco) for 2016-17.

According to Nepra based on the projected sales of 17,920 GWh for the FY 2017-18, the Mepco’s average sale rate has been worked out as Rs.13.89/kWh, consisting of Rs.11.18/kWh of adjusted Power Purchase Price (PPP), Rs. 1.15/kWh of Distribution Margin (DM), Rs.0.48/kWh of previous tariff and 2nd Qtr. Adjustment of FY 2017-18 and Rs. 1.10/kWh of prior year adjustment.

On the issue of T&D losses, the petitioner submitted that requested target of 16.91 percent for FY 2016-17 is based on actual results for the relevant year, whereas target for the FY 2017-18, ie,16.61 percent reflects a decrease of 1.8 percent as compared to the actual losses of the previous year.

Published in Business Recorder, 8th July, 2018