Albania seeks to diversify electricity generation with first major solar power plant

TIRANA, Aug. 22 – The Albanian government is offering incentives to private investors as it plans to set up the country’s first major solar power plant in a bid to diversify the country’s current wholly hydro-dependent domestic electricity generation system that often puts the country’s public finances in troubles in cases of prolonged droughts.

The energy ministry says it is inviting bids for 50 MW solar power plant expected to be built in Vlora, southern Albania, under private investment in return for support to buying electricity for 15 years at competitive prices.

In its Sept. 17 tender announcement, the government says it is also seeking bids for additional solar energy capacity of 20 MW to 50 MW that will not receive support, allowing investors to freely trade electricity, and apparently pave the way for the Albanian energy market and the establishment of the long-awaited power exchange.

The major solar power plant is expected to be built at the Akerni salty lands of Vlora, some 130 km south of Tirana, where Albania’s second operational airport is projected to be constructed if ongoing contract negotiations with a Turkish consortium conclude and plans materialize.

Published in Tirana Times, 22nd August, 2018