Sahiwal coal-fired power plant creates 8,500 jobs

KARACHI: Sahiwal Coal-Fired Power Plant has created 8,500 direct jobs in construction and operational phases and poised to generate more jobs, a case study of the project revealed.

The Planning Commission of Pakistan’s case study on the completion of the project noted that total direct jobs created under the ‘constructional phase’ of this project were almost 6,500, employing 2730 (42 percent) domestic workers and 3770 (58 percent) from abroad.

The total workers hired from Pakistan on professional and managerial posts were 45 (or 31 percent) while 100 (or 69 percent) workers were hired from China. 30 percent (350), of total technical/skilled labours were hired from Pakistan while 70 percent (800) from abroad.

Published in Business Recorder, 22nd August, 2018