Firms investing in solar + storage platforms

Firms all over the globe are investing in solar + storage platforms and hope to provide them to customers very soon. Lightyear and Sono Motors are just two of these players. Sono Motors of Munich is offering test drive on its Sono Sion which promises customers charging of batteries on the go. Light year one is offering deliveries in 2021.

The mainstream car manufactures are not further behind. Toyota has already started offering solar roofs for its Prius line of vehicles. Kia and Hyundai have also announced offering hybrid vehicles in their 2019 line. The cars are expected to charge from 20% to 60% of the 1.5 KWh batteries using solar panels. Solar + storage is even being integrated into cars with internal combustion engines.

Even electronic manufacturers are jumping are eying to capture this lucrative industry. LG introduced its solar car roof variants at Intersolar Europe 2019. The displays at the shows showed two variants of either Neon 2 CELLO cells which are rated at 200 @ or Neon R UBC cells which carry a rating of 300W.

Solar + storage offerings will help improve the global power generation in coping with the increased demand for electricity due electrification of the transport sector.

Source: Lightyear