NEPRA report informs about monetary side of power loss

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority released a report that placed a price of Rs 45 Billion rupees from electricity theft and other damages during the fiscal year of 2017-18. This financial loss is said to have occurred throughout the various DISCOS in the economy. The report also divulged other interesting facts about the state of transmission and distribution in the economy. It said that Rs 78 Billion worth of due fees have not been recovered in the last financial year.

Performance in terms of service delivery has not improved either. There were more than one hundred and fifty dangerous accidents during last year. Furthermore, the performance of the five DISCOS of Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO), Sukkur Electric Supply Company (SEPCO), Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) and Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESCO) saw no improvement through out the year. However, the report did note that the performance of Peshawar Electric Supply Company. Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO), Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) and K-Electric.