NEPRA advises government to re-consider CASA-1000 agreement

NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulator Authority), in its State of Industry Report 2018, has expressed reservations about affordability of electricity. NERPA pointed out the requirement to build 100 KM of transmission line from Afghan Border to Peshawar. In addition, a 1300 MW converter station will have to be constructed at Peshawar. This would be expensive as compared to local power production. Instead, the government should consider installing cheaper power production or renegotiating the terms of CASA-1000.

Furthermore, the report also recommended shifting focus towards retiring old power plants and removing shortages within the transmission network. NEPRA also stressed the importance of not overloading transformers. The NEPRA report also criticized GENCOs for their inefficient power production. Furthermore, the regulator also censured DISCOS (Distribution Companies) for not curtailing Transmission and Distribution losses which in-turn led to the ballooning of the circular debt.

NEPRA state of Industry Report 2018 can be accessed here