Japan rescues Zambia from energy outage caused by drought with a Solar Investment of $200 million

Source: Reuters

Tokyo: The Japanese renewable energy company, “Univergy Solar”, is to invest more than $200 million in two Solar Power Projects in Zambia that will add 200 megawatts (MW) to the country’s national grid next year. Zambia primarily relies on hydropower and has an electricity shortfall of about 750 MW due to low water levels at generation plants after a severe drought hit power production. As per the governmental sources, Univergy Solar Company will develop and implement a 135 MW project in northern Zambia and another 65 MW project in Zambia’s copper belt. The two projects are projected to be accomplishing between six and eight months. According to the statement by the Zambian embassy in Tokyo, the Solar Plants would be immensely pivotal in job creation and business enhancement in the country. Zambia expurgated its economic growth forecast to around 2% for 2019, from an estimated 4%, due to the impact of the drought on its power supply and agricultural production.