12 wind power projects being set up in Sindh

Business Recorder/26-11-2019

KARACHI: 12 wind power projects of total capacity 610 megawatts electricity are being set up at the Wind Corridor of Sindh. The Energy Minister of Sindh, Imtiaz Ahmad Shaikh said these environment-friendly projects are being set up with Public-Private Partnership, as the mandatory prerequisites, including acquisition of Letter of Interests, Environmental Impact Study, land clearance, land lease and feasibility approval have been done. Moreover, he said the companies concerned have fulfilled all the conditions of the Financial Close to get loans from banks to originate work on these projects. Meanwhile, an insider at Sindh Energy department said that the federal government has recently issued NOC to the provincial government to set up these 12 projects at the Jhimpir Wind Corridor. However, the minister said the provincial government had sought NOC from the federal government to set up around 35 solar and wind power projects, to be set up across the Sindh long ago. The companies include ACT2 Wind Private Limited 50MW, Artistic Wind Power Private Limited 50MW, Din Energy Limited 50MW, Gul Ahmed Electric Limited 50MW, Indus Wind Energy Limited 50MW, Lake Side Energy Private Limited 50MW, Liberty Wind Power-1 Private Limited 50MW, Liberty Wind Power-2 Limited 50MW, Master Green Energy Limited 50MW, Metro Wind Power Limited 60MW, and NASDA Green Energy Private Limited 50MW, Tri-Com Wind Power Private Limited 50MW.