PSO asked to supply 15000MT of FO per day

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has reportedly been directed to make arrangements for supply of 15000 MT/ day for thermal power plants from May to September 2018, official sources told Business Recorder.

Based on an analysis of demand and associated generation, delayed COD of RNLG plants, delayed COD of new hydel generation plants, and scheduled outages of existing power plants, the operation of RFO based power plants will be required to meet the demand (peak and off peak).

From May 2018 onward till September, 2018, RFO plants will be activated to maintain generation subject to required system demand. Accordingly, fuel oil required from May 2018 to September 2018 will be approximately 15,000 MT/day during the current summer season, excluding supply from local refineries.

Published in Business Recorder, 2nd May, 2018