Albania plans to diversify electricity generation with floating solar power plants

TIRANA – Albania’s state-run power utility KESH says it is planning to build the country’s first floating solar power plant on the northern Drin River cascade where it generates about two-thirds of the country’s domestic electricity from three hydropower plants built in the 1970s and 80s under communism.

The ambitious project would diversify the country’s current wholly hydro dependent electricity generation through new technology that has been revolutionizing renewable energy in the past decade.

KESH says the floating plant will be an 118,000m2 floating system with a capacity of 12.9 MWp that will be built on the Vau i Dejes reservoir where the country’s third largest hydropower plant is situated and that OST transmission operator has in principle agreed to link the floating power plant to the transmission grid once it is completed.

Published in Tirana Times, 19th July, 2018